Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NDTV's biased reporting.

Is there any difference between the word, 'let off' and 'acquitted'? Dictionary says let off means "To permit someone to disembark/to let go off without punishment". And, acquitted means 'To Establish someone's innocence'. But for a few channels like NDTV, who are selective in reporting, both the word has one meaning but not to be interchanged in reporting, perhaps. Having said that, no violence is good. Hindu or Muslim, none should be killed. And who is a Hindu and who is a Muslim? For me all Indians are Sanatan Dharmi, who follow the Sanatan way of life! Muslims however preach and pray to different god. Sanatan Dharm emphasized on prayer of all forms of life, be it a plant or cow dung, or anything which helped in sustaining life. Nevertheless, talking about media channel like NDTV, and their reporting on Godhra. Here is a preview:
Here is the link to the page:
Here is the link to this page: Ideally, Media is supposed to act unbiased towards any community, religion, party, and is just supposed to report the incidents as and when happened. But news channels of today have become view presenters. Today itself, the Supreme Court has inquired about Radia Tapes, and what has center done about it! I appeal to all media channels to present the news in an unbiased manner.

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BK Chowla said...

It is media itself responsible for the loss of credibility it has suffered in last few yrs.

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