Tuesday, August 28, 2012

कहा से चले थे.....कहा आ पहुंचे?

Nehru began his speech on freedom of India, with an alien language, alien constitution, alien system, alien bureaucracy which were not inherent part of India. However no one might want to raise a finger on his credibility, even though he was the chief architect of division of India-Pakistan! Had he ceded to demands of Jinnah, who was a far more secular leader, Iqbal wouldn't have been able to persuade Jinnah for division. Jinnah himself was a Shi'ite, had married a Hindu, used to drink, and was by no means a hard-liner. Nevertheless, We can be assured that his intentions were right, not harping on his personal traits, or wishes. This video has inflated our chest on many occasions, just thinking of the independence we got! And 65 years down the line, we have the progeny of the same gentleman who chews chewing gum sitting in parliament, inciting her partymen to not allow the Parliament to function. And this when, her party was caught on all fronts neck deep in corruption. As a popular magazine once said, Sonia's poodle, Manmohan Singh refuses to answer the question by opposition saying, "सवालो की आबरू संभालना भी जरुरी है". What amazes me is, to answer him in his shayraana andaaz, "देश की इज्जत सरे आम लूट रही है, और आप सवालो की आबरू संभाले बैठे है". Lets see the video of this great lady, who made 'sacrifices' for this country! I am quite sure had Azaad, Bose, Bhagat, Bismil and innumerable personalities who laid down their lives, could see future, they would have had abandoned their pursuit. We are living in a age, where drinking water, sewer, garbage, medicines, education is an issue. All the basic facilities are missing in one part or another. Seriously, the gods must be with us because we are still running the country despite such bureaucrats, politicians, people!

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