Thursday, October 13, 2016

Philips's shoddy, shabby, pathetic service in Bihar

Dear Philips People, This is probably my 8th-9th mail to you without eliciting any conclusive response from your side. Last time, I went almost two months without television. And it took you one and half month to decide if the problem can be rectified or not. And then it was replaced after much hassle. What amuses me is you people had no information for one and half month if you have spare parts in stock or not. A global conglomerate Philips works in such a shoddy way is surprising. The model was replaced on whims, and no new warranty card or information etc was provided, despite repeated reminders and calls to the local in-charge, technician. The model since replaced after almost two months developed snag again, such is the trustworthiness of Philips brand now. And then I finally put up a complaint on 25th September. And I wanted the model to be replaced altogether. Without paying any heed, a 'technician' was sent a couple of days later. 'Technician' was neither dressed in a professional way, nor had any identity card to establish that, neither did he provide with any receipt. I believe your team here in Bihar, at least, lacks professionalism entirely. Neither his communication means suggested that he was some professional. Allowing him inside house, letting him open and take away parts was a matter of leap of faith for me. Your local Philips team amuses, surprises, shocks me to the core. Moreover, today is 12th October. It has been more than 15 days. This is the second time in less than an year with Philips that it has taken this long. And less than six months for a newly replaced TV. In between, I received a mail which provided me with the contact detail of Rohit Kumar, supposedly in-charge of Bihar & Jharkhand. I called him a couple of times. On 6th October, after my repeated plea that it should be rectified at earliest, he assures me about it in next two days. It doesn't happen. I called him again today and reminded him of his promise. A complete unprofessional he is, his response matched the same. He told me that his engineer has taken sick. When I told him, I pay and buy a product and expect service for it, and no excuse. And it is not a matter of my concern if someone is sick or not. He in a very rude manner told me, 'Insaaniyat aapke andar ek dam nahi hai', which, when translated means. 'You are devoid of humanity'. Now this is beyond ignoble, disgusting and completely lacks professional attitude. Kindly make him aware about a few professional ethics. A customer pays for products and services, and he expects that. Secondly, what is shocking is that Philips has recruited a single technician for entire state of Bihar, for servicing 13 crore population, and if that technician takes ill then people of entire province be on mercy! Philips fails on many account. Mainly, A. Poor quality of product. Philips has lost its sheen on the account, for which it used to be known: Quality. Two television going kaput within few weeks, sadly, is a testimony to the fact. B. Pathetic, shoddy, shabby service. Imagine yourself opening up your door to a person in un-presentable condition, dressed shabbily in colourful dresses, telling you that he is an authorized technician. You ask for identity card, there is none. You still allow him inside house, he converses in a very dismissive and tangential way, completely devoid of any resemblance of professionalism. He opens your television, and tells you a few part are faulty, and he needs to carry it. He opens away those parts, and you ask for some receipt, because you aren't sure about him being a technician, even if you were sure, he should give you some documents as guarantee. But no, he doesn't have any. What if he is a thief who is doing a recce of your home, after following you from mall, when you were talking on phone with customer support of Philips? Funny part is Philips intend to sell its product in a market of 13 crore people, but decides to hire just one technician for entire state, or maybe capital city. And if he is ill, and by chance you called them up, and insisted on your appliance being serviced, be ready to hear maxims like, "You are completely devoid of humanity, cannot you see that person is ill?" Ohh well, it was your mistake since beginning to have complained, or purchased their product. Another funny part, Philips sells its product here, but keeps the spare part in another metropolitan city. In days of single day delivery across India, it takes them 15-45 days to send a requisition, know about availability, source them. Snail pace, is a bit too futuristic for Philips India, and Bihar team in particular. They eat up on your warranty duration, and sit duck about it, feel cool about it, if you insist on quality service, they will sermonise you on humanity. That is Philips Bihar team for you! I would as well request Reliance Digital, to stop stocking such shoddy products with unprofessional support team. They are a respected chain, and they should stop stocking products which they sell in certain market, but do not have any support ecosystem. Reliance Digital should only store Philips product in those town where they have service. I want either refund of entire television along with compensation for lack of TV for more than two months, and mental agony they have caused me. I cannot be expected to bear with a shoddy product, and diminished two months of warranty or the refund of entire television along with compensation for lack of TV for more than two months, and mental agony they have caused me. Either/Or sentence prior to the current line wasn't a typo, it was written with the same intention. Pim Pressman, and Leaondro Mazzoni must take note, I expect an apology from the local Philips team for the rude and crude behaviour. Nothing less than this would suffice.


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