Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to waste Tax-Payer’s money!!!


I have lived in Ghaziabad, one of the most prominent city of UP for 5 years. In the city, a metropolitan city, you have upto 16-18 hours power cut at times, no basic amenities in most part of the city, no proper roads, no rules and authority to swear by. You could well imagine the condition of other parts of the state. And here we have the Maya of Ms. Mayawati…..

She is not talking about law, education, agriculture, health care, crime. The state, according to her, is reeling under financial shortage. Its altogether a different matter, that from being a poor pooper she is now multi billionaire herself. She is one of the highest individual tax-payers of the state. But State has enough money to spend on her whims and fancies, to the tunes of multi-billions. During her rule, in previous governments she has already built parks and memorials in KashiRam’s name, and hold your breath, her own name as well. We all know about her birthday parties and cakes. Now, wtf is this….

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Prashant said...

Seems 1 was not enough :P

Rajeev R said...

@ Prashant:

the elephant, or the blog??? :-P

workhard said...

Hi.. i think he meant elephants..

Really.. thats an army of them

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