Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chinese go, INDIA bashing

Official mouthpiece of Chinese Establishment, are on India Bashing spree. According to them, India is trying to show off its military capability. Moreover, they go as far as to say, that they want to co-exist with India, and the desire isn't born out of fear. And India, can never compete with China.

Heck, its not about competition....its not about co-existence. Its pretty simple. Return our land, Mr. Hu-Jintao. And ofcourse yes, co-exist is a virtue which communist China lacked throughout. How could we forget the 1962 misadventure of yours, when we were just 15 year old, and in a bad shape. You can never give up. Regarding competing with you, we really don't want to....but, lest you forget, more than 60% of your population is in mid 30s and 40s. While more than 60%of ours around 20s. You can judge better, Chowmeins! We are not, goddamn, third class Chinese Quality products.

But of course, we have a lot to learn from China.....! The nationalistic fervour deeply rooted amongst its men. And the art of mass-production.

And yeah.... Our IAF chief says, that China is much bigger threat to India, than Pakistan

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Usha said...

India and China is similar in more ways than one. Perhaps coexisting is not a bad idea after all...

Wait, then again communism and democracy cannot coexist...

Competition it is then. There is a possibility it will eliminate poverty before India does and that might help move its economy at a greater rate.

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